our team

our team

keith arnold + stephanie bonin
founders + owners  (denver + vermont)
Keith is the entrepreneur and visionary behind duo. Stephanie brings the passion and ingredient-focused drive to everything we do.
Together we have cultivated a staff of wonderful and talented people working to make duo a locally and nationally acclaimed restaurant in the heart of Denver. We are thrilled to bring this vision to Main St. in Brattleboro, VT.

tyler skrivanek
executive chef  (denver + vermont)
Tyler has spent countless hours as a chef at duo Restaurant since December 2005. He has learned farm-to-table cuisine and built relationships with local purveyors. This experience, combined with his upbringing in Nebraska farmland, has allowed him to cultivate a working knowledge of food cycles and seasonality in the Rocky Mountain region.
His other creative outlet is music and as a percussionist, “I can’t help but notice the similarities between a good menu and a good album. Each has their hits, B side and thoughtful arrangement. Just like an unforgettable album, my goal is to give our guests a full experience, from start to finish.”

dennis phelps
opening chef  (vermont)
Dennis began his career at duo Denver in 2005 under Chef John Broening. He moved on to be the Executive Chef de Cuisine at The Kitchen from 2007-2013 where he focused his culinary skills on creating farm-to-table cuisine. He is excited by the challenge of returning to duo and working with Stephanie & Keith.  He moved across the country to enter into the chaos of opening a restaurant. He has been indispensable and has fallen in love with VT in the process.

andrew hunter
chef de cuisine  (vermont)
Andrew has been fortunate to have some incredible positions during his tenure as a chef: Tom Colicchio’s Craft Restaurant , Charlie Palmer’s Restaurant in the Joule Hotel in Dallas, Tristan Restaurant in Charleston, SC, and the 4-diamond rated Manor on Golden Pond in Holderness, NH. However as a graduate of NECI, He has such an appreciation for Vermont and always had an eye towards returning someday.
When the opportunity to become the Sous Chef at the highly rated Windham Hill Inn in West Townshend arose, he jumped at the chance to return to New England and Vermont. “I loved my experience there and now am ready for the new challenge of duo Restaurant. I can’t wait to showcase the fantastic Vermont and New England products that are available from our local farmers, fishermen, and foragers.”

tiffany leong
sous chef  (denver)
Growing up as a first generation Chinese American, Tiffany’s life has and will always be centered around food. Her best memories as a child all come from the kitchen table. Gathered around the table in silence just enjoying the loud noises of family members sipping soup, slurping noodles, shoveling rice into their mouths and smelling those familiar smells that still make her smile today.
“When the farm deliveries come in and menu changes for the season are being written it feels like Christmas! I love being so committed to our farms and their products and harvesting vegetables in our urban garden for a night’s service. What an incredible privilege it is to be able to walk into our restaurant with such variety and quality of ingredients to cook with and create a menu or an evening special.”
Her hope is that our customers fall as much in love with our restaurant, our experience, creativity, and cuisine as she has.

bobby rayburn
general manager  (denver)
duo opened it’s doors with Bobby as General Manager and continues to thrive with his guidance and support. “I love being behind the bar because of its ever growing and changing dynamics. Not a day goes by that I don’t learn a new drink or find a new beer, wine or spirit.”

brett yoho
manager  (denver)
At age 16 Brett began his career in the service industry and quickly fell in love with the opportunity to provide great experiences for other people and the camaraderie with co-workers. He is an avid mountaineer, love craft beer, bluegrass music, playing disc golf and most of all spending time with his growing family.

scott raderstorf
partner (denver + vermont)
Scott has spent his life in technology and brings his passion of living life to the fullest to the duo team in both locations.  He is always the host and being an entrepreneur in his own right allows him to be the perfect sounding board and bring wisdom to the team. Dining out around the world is his other area of expertise.

john broening + yasmin lozada-hissom
founding chef & pastry chef (denver)
Thank you so much to John Broening & Yasmin Lozada-Hissom who helped us create, build, and execute our restaurant duo. As a team we opened duo in October 2005 and we still appreciate their talents and friendship today.